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#1 5/21/2016 How Indie Film Can Make 'Story' the Comeback King
#2 5/4/2016 Three Centuries of U.S. Writing Against War (David Swanson)
#3 4/6/2016 Pretty Profiles Are Fine, but Where are Stories of Powerful Women?
#4 3/1/2016 The Worlds of Story-- so much bigger than books and movies (Rob Kall)
#5 1/26/2016 Tell Your Story Now!
#6 1/23/2016 National Handwriting Day - A Celebration of Penmanship
#7 1/4/2016 Douglas Rushkoff-- Present Shock and Presentism: Interview Transcript (Rob Kall)
#8 12/22/2015 John Taylor Gatto, author Dumbing Us Down; Interview Transcript, Part 1 (Rob Kall)
#9 12/14/2015 Archetypal, Mythic Strong Women and Patriarchy -- A Conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD-- Transcript (Rob Kall)
#10 12/13/2015 Freelancing, Failure, Follow-up, Risk, Reframing and the Passionate Life: Gregg Levoy Intvw Transcript Part 2 (Rob Kall)
#11 12/10/2015 What Creates Passion and Passionate People, and What Defeats it In Us? Interview with Gregg Levoy (Rob Kall) 1 1 Comment Count
#12 12/6/2015 Downsizing the News Staff; Downsizing Quality and Credibility (Walter Brasch)
#13 11/20/2015 My Campaign to Change the World (and also sell some books) (Scott Baker)
#14 11/8/2015 Snuggling Up to Celebrities Not Part of Journalism Training (Walter Brasch)
#15 10/31/2015 Journalism and Government Corruption (Val Hayden)
#16 9/8/2015 The difficulty of practicing narrative medicine (Lewis Mehl-Madrona)
#17 8/22/2015 The Fine Art of Listening
#18 8/16/2015 HOPKINS, THE SELF, AND GOD is Ong's Crowning Achievement (Review Essay) (William Smith)
#19 6/27/2015 Restorative Narrative-- Finding Hope After Darkness (Rob Kall)
#20 6/27/2015 Journalism and the power of emotions
#21 6/26/2015 An Ad That Defies Stereotypes (Ingrid Scott)
#22 5/29/2015 New York City Book Expo = Book Exposure (Scott Baker)
#23 5/13/2015 Storytelling and Reconciliation (Dan Kelley)
#24 4/16/2015 My English Teacher's Son Won the PEN/Faulkner Fiction Award
#25 4/10/2015 I Love Me!: New Stories For Children
#26 4/8/2015 My Hiatus From News Marination Has Changed My Writing (Rob Kall)
#27 4/5/2015 A Reply to Burl Hall's Nostalgic Article "Can a Verb Based Language Bring Peace to the Planet?" (William Smith)
#28 3/22/2015 About a Book and The Power of Stories (Brian Folger)
#29 3/18/2015 How To Create An Evil Character-- Sound Familiar? (Rob Kall)
#30 2/18/2015 When Truth is Vilified or Ignored, Story is the Solution (Rob Kall)

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