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How Indie Film Can Make 'Story' the Comeback King With A-list talent being tied up by studios and TV shows, why not make 'story' the next big thing?
David Swanson: Three Centuries of U.S. Writing Against War Every student of peace, sanity, or survival, every person interested in the possibility of the United States making its current wars its last seven wars, every believer in the value of wisdom and the written word should pick up a copy of Lawrence Rosendwald's 768-page collection, War No More: Three Centuries of American Antiwar and Peace Writing.
Pretty Profiles Are Fine, but Where are Stories of Powerful Women? The media loves stories of "smart girls" who make it big in a man's world. But where are the stories of smart women whose impact on the world is notable?
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Rob Kall: The Worlds of Story-- so much bigger than books and movies Story is much bigger than the obvious applications-- storytelling, movies and screenplays, novels and fiction, newspapers, television and magazines. Politics and psychotherapy are all about stories and narrative. A good attorney doesn't talk to a jury without wrapping evidence in story. What would religions and religious services be without stories? Marketing uses stories to engage, touch hearts and sell. Cultures are defined
Tell Your Story Now! Discussion easily turns into argument and friends into foes. But when we share actual stories instead of opinions, things change. Share your story as part of the People's State of the Union 2016.
365.8 (Distracted by Penmanship)
National Handwriting Day - A Celebration of Penmanship Originally Published on OpEdNews National Handwriting Day falls each year on January 23, the birthday of the American Revolutionary leader and first signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, John Hancock. Opponents of cursive instruction argue it is no longer relevant and classroom instruction is better devoted to other subjects, including digital proficiency. But research shows that teaching handwriting skills...
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Rob Kall: Douglas Rushkoff-- Present Shock and Presentism: Interview Transcript Rushkoff describes five different kinds of present shock-- Narrative Collapse, Digiphrenia, Overwinding, Fractalnoia and Apocalypto. He argues that story has changed, from a linear sequence to more like a video game, with a world, but no ending.
John Taylor Gatto.
Rob Kall: John Taylor Gatto, author Dumbing Us Down; Interview Transcript, Part 1 John Taylor Gatto is an award winning teacher who is a brilliant critic of the educational system.
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Rob Kall: Archetypal, Mythic Strong Women and Patriarchy -- A Conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD-- Transcript My guest tonight is Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD. She's a psychiatrist who specializes in the study of Jungian archetypes and mythology. She's an author of many books and the one that I'm bringing her on to speak about, in particular, is her newest one titled, Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Every Woman.
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Rob Kall: Freelancing, Failure, Follow-up, Risk, Reframing and the Passionate Life: Gregg Levoy Intvw Transcript Part 2 We continue our conversation about Gregg's book, the Nature and Nurture of passion. We discuss taking risks, freelancing, writing, the NEED for failure, reframing for deepening passion.
Greg Levoy and his two books
Rob Kall: What Creates Passion and Passionate People, and What Defeats it In Us? Interview with Gregg Levoy What creates passion and passionate people, and what defeats it in us? That's the focus of Gregg Levoy's book, The Nature and Nurture of Passion, and the focus of our interview. Gregg Levoy is one of my favorite writers. 1 1 Comment Count
Double Octuple Newspaper Press
Walter Brasch: Downsizing the News Staff; Downsizing Quality and Credibility Layoffs don't have to be part of the equation to keeping print newspapers alive. In truth, just the reverse is necessary. Here's why.
Cover of America is Not Broke
Scott Baker: My Campaign to Change the World (and also sell some books) Changing the world while selling your book. An exercise in Publicity. Using a publicist, I try to promote economic reform over a 3-month campaign. The results are in...
Lara Spencer
Walter Brasch: Snuggling Up to Celebrities Not Part of Journalism Training The fact that a co-anchor of a morning news/entertainment show snuggled up to a news source is an indication of how much journalism has changed from what the Founding Fathers believed should be the role of the press.
Lara Spencer
Snuggling Up to Celebrities Not Part of Journalism Training The fact that a co-anchor of a morning news/entertainment show snuggled up to a news source is an indication of how much journalism has changed from what the Founding Fathers believed should be the role of the press.
Journalism and Government Corruption Article describes the critical importance of having strong reporting by newspapers and other media to prevent municipal corruption.
A person's personal story about health and disease determine their heal
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: The difficulty of practicing narrative medicine People's stories about health and disease determine their health behaviors. I begin with an example of a patient whom I told 25 years ago that he had to take better care of himself and who just dropped dead of a heart attack in his 50's. I wonder about how we help people change the story that they are living. How do we help them change health destructive behaviors in a respectful way that honors the story they have brought?
Listening Skills
The Fine Art of Listening Listening doesn't always come easily but it's deeply important in a world full of pain - and promise.
Gerard_Manley_Hopkins_by_Thomas_C._Bayfield - detail-contrast
*HOPKINS, THE SELF, AND GOD is Ong's Crowning Achievement (Review Essay) The short but densely packed book HOPKINS, THE SELF, AND GOD (1986) is Walter J. Ong's crowning achievement. A Kindle version of it is now available at So I'd like to take the occasional to write about it. The poetry of the Victorian Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) is not everybody's cup of tea. But for those who are interested in his poetry and life, Ong's book repays careful study.
After the storm
Rob Kall: Restorative Narrative-- Finding Hope After Darkness Restorative narrative stories follow a person or community through a meaningful progression from despair through resilience. states, "We know that words create worlds. And at this time, we believe the world needs a new story."
Replace Insecure
Journalism and the power of emotions Originally Published on OpEdNewsColumbia Journalism Review: Stories have powerful effects on us. We feel empathy for characters just as we do for flesh-and-blood people, and the act of reading about them might even make us more empathetic in real life, change our opinions, and push us to action. Research shows that the human brain naturally supports empathy, but that empathic responses increase as we gather more information a...
Replace Insecure
An Ad That Defies Stereotypes I'm attending the Restorative Narrative Conference and Felix Richter, an ad agency guy is presenting on how his agency created an ad for Under Armor that challenges stereotypes. It gave me chills.
Replace Insecure
Scott Baker: New York City Book Expo = Book Exposure The NYC Book Expo: promise and pitfalls in a changing industry and my own reactions as a struggling author to it.
Sam and Gifford Building Sam's House
Storytelling and Reconciliation Follow up on Rob Kall's interview with Sam and Gifford Keen about their book Prodigal Father Wayward Son. Written by Gifford Keen
My English Teacher's Son Won the PEN/Faulkner Fiction Award A name opens the door to the palace of memory, and high school comes flooding through.
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I Love Me!: New Stories For Children The world is a tougher place than ever for children to learn to thrive emotionally and grow to be healthy adults. Books that help children learn self-respect, and encourage the ability to know the self and learn to love are rare and needed. Here are 2 examples.
Game of Thrones' Dragon Queen-- she sets slaves free
Rob Kall: My Hiatus From News Marination Has Changed My Writing I turned off my cable TV the end of December. That left me with my Apple TV, which gives me Netflix and a collection of other free options. The biggest effect is that I do not have the news on for much of the day. There's no background of chattering pundits-- mostly liberal ones. After a bit more than 90 days I realized that this hiatus from TV news marination changed my writing.
*A Reply to Burl Hall's Nostalgic Article "Can a Verb Based Language Bring Peace to the Planet?" Burl Hall's article "Can a Verb Based Language Bring Peace to the Planet?" is deeply nostalgic. My answer to the question he poses in the title is, "No." But the title is not the only problem. Using Walter J. Ong's thought as a framework, I not only comment on certain points in Burl Hall's article, but also offer an alternative account of cultural history.
Spinning in Circles and Learning  A Collection of Stories that Slowly Grow Up
About a Book and The Power of Stories Storytellers are powerful, and we are all storytellers. This article is both a call to action and an introduction to my new book: Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself: A Collection of Stories that Slowly Grow-Up. I truly hope you consider both.
Henry Potter in It's A Wonderful Life
Rob Kall: How To Create An Evil Character-- Sound Familiar? Every good story needs a hero and every hero needs a good evil protagonist-- the evil character in the story. So, what makes a good evil character. There are some variants, but for most stories there are some common characteristics...

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