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Joan Brunwasser

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Joan Brunwasser is a co-founder of Citizens for Election Reform (CER) which since 2005 existed for the sole purpose of raising the public awareness of the critical need for election reform. Our goal: to restore fair, accurate, transparent, secure elections where votes are cast in private and counted in public. Because the problems with electronic (computerized) voting systems include a lack of transparency and the ability to accurately check and authenticate the vote cast, these systems can alter election results and therefore are simply antithetical to democratic principles and functioning.

Since the pivotal 2004 Presidential election, Joan has come to see the connection between a broken election system, a dysfunctional, corporate media and a total lack of campaign finance reform. This has led her to enlarge the parameters of her writing to include interviews with whistle-blowers and articulate others who give a view quite different from that presented by the mainstream media. She also turns the spotlight on activists and ordinary folks who are striving to make a difference, to clean up and improve their corner of the world. By focusing on these intrepid individuals, she gives hope and inspiration to those who might otherwise be turned off and alienated. She also interviews people in the arts in all their variations - authors, journalists, filmmakers, actors, playwrights, and artists. Why? The bottom line: without art and inspiration, we lose one of the best parts of ourselves. And we're all in this together. If Joan can keep even one of her fellow citizens going another day, she considers her job well done.

Joan has been Election Integrity Editor for OpEdNews since December, 2005. Her articles also appear at Huffington Post, RepublicMedia.TV and

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Mary Pipher: Writing to Change the World (3407 views) Stories have the power to open hearts, change minds and inspire action. They can be very simple. Generally when a story deeply moves me, it will move others.They speak directly to the emotions. And they reach both sides of the brain. Stories are not right brain or left brain: they are whole brain. They integrate complicated information from all over the brain in ways that form meaning and pleasure.
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Literary Agent Shares Trade Secrets With New Writers (2451 views) With the rise of the web, new ideas are not enough. Today, publishing is all about story telling, and that applies to serious nonfiction--yes, even a work of history and science has to tell a story--self-help, memoir, and virtually every other publishing genre. Many people fail to understand that a book can be the story of an idea or a time, as well as the story of an individual or group of individuals.
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Talking with Mystery Writer Sharon Fiffer (841 views) I knew that Jane Wheel had family issues to resolve;she had to rebuild her own professional confidence after leaving the advertising business,where she was successful if not always content;and I knew that she had to work on her own tics-her impatience,her restlessness,her passion for the worn out stuff of others.I wanted to explore her complicated relationship with her mother.And I wanted to write it with humor & compassion.

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