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(let us know if you are interested in a CD version)
Approximately 10 hours of awesome lectures covering a vast swathe of story territory.
most of the lectures in the series were 25-30 minutes.
There's such a wealth of information, you'll want to listen to this several times.
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Screenwriters/movie people: Linda Seger, Richard Krevolin, James Bonnet, Pamela J. Smith,  Dan Decker, Melanie Ann Phillips, Chris Huntley, David Sonnenschein, Rob Tobin.

Novelists/storytellers, other writers: Doug Lipman, Thom Hartmann, Robert Burdette Sweet, Daniel Taylor,

Mythologists, Folklorists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists: Steve and Robin Larsen, Rachel Ballon, Tom Budzynski, Karen Dietz, Ray Bergen, Cathy Lynn Pagano

Business People:  Steve Denning, David Vanadia, Ashraf Ramzy, Karen Dietz, Richard Stone

We'll have a lot more tapes of lectures, workshops and panels listed soon. Check back.

What they say about the Intro to Story Course
"This set of presentations is a wonderfully comprehensive overview of the role of storytelling in the world today. It would be impossible to find this material anywhere else."
Steve Denning, former world Bank, Exec, expert in use of story in business and knowledge management
ďThese tapes are a wonderful introduction to the diversity and expertise of the speakers. They contain knowledge about story that is not available anywhere else and is relevant no matter what kind of story, true or fiction, you want to create for whatever medium.Ē
    James Bonnet, Author, Stealing from the Gods, A Dynamic New Story Model for Writers and    Filmmakers, Screenwriter, and Teacher, James Bonnetís Storymaking: The Master Class 
"Perhaps the best, most concise introduction to the wide variety of story uses you'll find--ever."
Chris Huntley, co-creator and co-author of "Dramatica software.

"Excellent. I loved the twenty minute talks..... What a great idea. We got to hear the condensed version of everyoneís material-- a cross section of the best thinkers of our time on the topic of story. A multi-disciplinary dissection of how stories work in our minds, our relationships and our lives."
Dan Decker, Screenwriter, Playwright, author, Anatomy of A Screenplay, director of The Screenwriters Group, one of the largest independent schools for screenwriting in the country. Owner/ operator , Stylus Management, a writers management company

"Want to know what the brightest and most innovative minds on the four corners of Planet Story have to say? This is high-level information presented in an easy-to-understand format. Treat yourself to a wealth of knowledge -- it will make a difference in your work and your life. Thereís material here you simply canít find anywhere else. The percentage of leading lights among the speakers is astonishingly high. These tapes are a real treasure."
David Garfinkel is a leading direct-response copywriter, copywriting coach, and author of "The Money-Making Copywriting Course."
"As a screenwriter I enjoyed the wide array of philosophical and intellectual viewpoints I was exposed to. I came to this conference for a change from screenwriting "structure" and "format" and thatís what Iím getting. Iím already thinking about aspects and influences on my storytelling for the screen that Iíve never thought of before."
Lori Jaid, Screenwriter
"Fantastic Opportunity to be introduced to people and their presentations and passions. The passion amongst the group was alive. Fantastic diversity of ideas, interests, mediums.."
Ben Callaghan, teacher from Australia using story as a tool to empower teens.
"See, hear, feel and taste story. Amazing!!"
David Vanadia, web consultant, storyteller
"So many excellent presenters at one conference-- remarkable! Very exciting, stimulating"
Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. psychologist
"Courageous!! Very organized, holistic, broad based, and yet integrated and full focused."
L. Feingold, corporate and government story consultant
bulletA beginning of a history, science and pedagogy  of Story Science and Art. Rob Kall
bulletThe Essence of Story: James Bonnet
bulletLinear story structure; Linda Seger
bulletHow Narratology Can Help You Write Better Stories" James Phelan
bulletStory as Energy David Vanadia
bulletFrom Heros To Villains: The Psychology of Characters and Conflicts; Rachel Ballon: What makes a good story? My heart touching your heart"
bulletCharacter Structure Dan Decker
bulletThe Six Properties of Oral Storytelling: How "Story Communication" Differs from Conceptual Communication Doug Lipman
bulletLiving and Leaving a Spiritual Legacy: The Centrality of Story in a Meaningful Life." Daniel Taylor
bullet Strategy and Story Ashraf Ramzy
bulletNeuroscience of Story Tom Budzynski
bullet Joseph Campbell, Storyteller Stephen and Robin Larsen
bulletCREATURES OF THE METAPHOR: the Writer as Shaman Robert Burdette Sweet
bulletThe Seven Realities of True Myths: How story explains and enhances the world around us and within us. Pamela Jaye Smith
bulletHow Stories Provide Us A Map Of Human Psychology And The Problem-Solving Process Chris Huntley
bulletStories that can change the world. Thom Hartmann
bulletThe Power of Stories to Transform Organizations Richard Stone
bulletUsing Story As A Business Tool Steve Denning
bulletBardic Voices Mythic Bards Cathy Lynn Pagano
bulletWhen Hero and Goddess Love Ray Bergen
bulletAnatomy of Positive Experience, a temporal, not necessarily linear approach to story too? Rob Kall
bulletThe Big Seven Questions of Story: the seven most important questions any storyteller must ask themselves Richard Krevolin
bulletThe Story Mind: Using Psychology to Structure Your Story Melanie Anne Phillips
bulletPsychoacoustics and Story David Sonnenschein
bulletStorytelling elements and their relationship to each other Robin Tobin
bulletPersonal Stories/ Sacred Stories -- Is There A Difference? Karen Dietz "Sometimes we need stories more than food to stay alive"