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StoryCon 2005
Feb 4-5, Palm Springs, CA


Sometimes we need stories more than food to stay alive.

Karen Dietz, at the 2002 Storycon meeting

Where story experts go for advanced, stimulating, beyond the basics discussions on Story Creation Techniques, Models, Strategies, Concepts, Application, Philosophy. Discover the power of story-- and how to maximize it in your work. 
  • The Intro to Story Course on Tape

  •  The first "summit meeting" ever on Story structure and the roots, techniques, theories, models that have been emerging on how to build more powerful stories. Listen to high level presentations and dialogues between the world's leading Story  experts.
    You've taken or taught an introductory writing workshop. Where do you go after learning the basics, to boost your skills to the next level, so you can further unleash your talent with more powerful tools?  Where do you go for advanced, exciting discussion of new, hot topics in story structure, mythic concepts, and the other story parameters which determine the power and success of good stories?. StoryCon is an advanced conference created to meet this need. It is not just another weekend screenwriter's workshop.
    It's a historical event bringing together, for the first time, the planet's leading experts on story creation, structure, mythology, psychology, and story application to discuss advanced topics in the art and science of story. They'll present their newest ideas, concepts-- to identify common themes in new theories, to discuss new archetypes, algorithms and approaches to tapping the soul and the unconscious and turning the raw material into powerful ,emotionally and intellectually satisfying stories.
    Speakers do not receive honoraria. They are coming to be a part of this unique gathering. 
    Form Vs. Formula: Face it. Successful stories have structure. We're not talking formula, but .form.. Some artists intuitively create the structure. Others learn it, then work it, applying their soul's inspiration to the bones of the story form
    Why Attend this Historic Event?
    ! Learn from dozens of the world's top story experts in one place.
    ! Learn how to take your story creation skills to the next level so you can
    create more powerful, moving stories.
    ! Learn advanced story techniques, concepts, models, plot structures, timing, sequence, arcs, audience emotion plotting, character arc
    ! Learn mythic story elements; hero's journey, new archetypes & myths.
    ! Understand story Psychology; story as hypnotic process, character arc
    ! Learn Strategies to tap creative, authentic depths, to access passion and truth
    ! Explode your story strengthening skills and techniques 
    ! Learn about new, story-related Day Jobs
    We invite you to join an intentional community with an expected, very Woodstock, first gathering of the whole tribe feel. 
    -You must present new material, new ideas, not your regular talk.
    -The topic must be one you are buzzed to share with colleagues, that you want to get feedback and discussion on.
    -Stretch yourself. Take risks. Discuss new ideas. Come out of the closet
    The StoryCon Vision: StoryCon will give birth to a new hybrid art/science of story with graduate studies in story, academic, multidisciplinary journals, research funding, & a bigger vision of the art & power of story.



    Click here to see : Complete Speaker Listing

    Some of the books written by our speakers

    The STORY has existed as an "art" for over 200,000 years, and the Story business may be the world's largest business,  far exceeding $250 billion dollars a year, with over 30 million in the USA alone working in the story business. Just the top ten media companies generate $140 billion+ a year). Besides the worlds of entertainment and publishing, story plays a powerful, often central role in psychology, healing, diplomacy, marketing, product development, corporate and organizational leadership, culture and management. Even lawyers use stories to persuade juries.
    Such a powerful economic and cultural force deserves to be treated with as much respect as other fields with equal or lesser influence and power to change the world and people’s lives. . The potential to further tap the power of story (and through it, the power of the human subconscious and all its creativity and passion) is enormous. 

    Somewhere in the early 20th century, scientists like Neils Bohr, Max Planck and Albert Einstein started thinking about physics in new ways that created a scientific revolution affecting the furthest ranging corners of most of this planet. A similar evolutionary leap is taking place at the other end of the reality spectrum, in the world of story.

    To see all speakers for the meeting, Click here: Complete Speaker Listing

    The art, science and application of story is going through an enormous explosion of model building, exploration, explanation and explication. Writers, particularly screen writers, are taking a varied range of approaches to identifying the elements, dynamics, dimensions, patterns and even formulae which form stories and myths-- what makes them great, what makes them work.

    The meeting will bring together leaders in the writing world with psychologists, mythologists, and others in the art, science and business of story who cover the turf from their perspective. The goal is to get leaders and innovators in this arena to exchange and share information at advanced levels-- giving lectures and talking on focused panels.

    More on the meeting; StoryCon Details

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