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David All, the Right's Web 2.0 New Media, Twitter, Facebook Go-To Guy

Broadcast 3/17/2010 at 8:28 PM EDT (2 Listens, 1 Downloads, 5 Itunes)
Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

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president David All group
Helped Joe Wilson raise
2.7 million

scott brown
Robert Willington ran Brown campaign

twitter, facebook, call from home system enabled people to call into MA
from all over the US.
Traditional campaign strategies, but we're now
using new tools.

Rome wasn't built with craftsman.

hadn't heard return on investment
getting smarter, making fact-based
decisions in using advertising dollars.

Gotta put a lotta lead
on the target and you have to use a lot of channels.

82% of
voters get most of news from TV
68% of voters get it form internet
under 50% get it from print and radio.

fallacy of anyone's
top-down approach is believing they can control the message-- not true--
I call those people modern Ostriches
Wikipedia is the number one
destination for modern voters.

Barak Obama gave a perception
that he had a bottom up campaign-- he had millions of supporters who
were emailing and paying attention to hat he was doing and that was
brilliant and masterful.

Joe Trippi's strength is his inherent
understanding of how the world works. He probably can't build a website

Now, we're fo

more interested in being
digital paperboys.

harder for conservatives than liberals to
embrace bottom up.
web 2.0 Place that is feared rather than embraced
I talk to folks, they very easily get overwhelmed because they're
nervous about things that they don't understand.

you often fear
things that you don't understand or things that threaten 20:00

too often rely on what they know best.
Part of the conservative
mindset in general that change is not always good and new is not always

In 2006 that wasn't the case.

The real cultural
shift hasnt happened on either side.

Decisions makers and the
people who hold the budget-- a lot of the old guys are acting like they

Joe Wilson ad approaches:
google ads four to one on investment
report was giving two to one on investment.

30 to one returnÂ

was advertising on Bing and yahoo. We were able to get 30 to 1.

the Left:
Joe Trippi,
Jonah Seiger did bloomberg
Josh Koster
Koster and chong-- did stuff with Al Franken
Jerome Armstrong mydd Â
running a company webstrong

Nothing is better than email. It's
the killer app.
Everyone has it, easy to forward, if it's compelling
content, very trackable, can see what emails are working, can A/B test
subject lines
can see where people are clicking on emails and by and
large you can get a message out and insure that it will reach your

Saturday morning is time to do campaigns for

new facebook and twitter

built on top of facebook
connect and is fully integrated with facebook.

a hub to run a
tied into every api that exists.
Youtube, twitter,
donation platform email platform, facebook.
integrated with facebook

a drudge report for activism.

user is spending 20 minutes a day on facebook.

capitol hill
tweet watch report

edited by daniel
glover-- shows the interesting tweets coming out of the nation's
203 members of congress on twitter
125 republicans 76
democrats 2 indepents.

iphone app for campaigns. for a tech
crowd. Running for mayor of sanfrancisco

focus on primary and
secondary objectives.

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