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Lawyers & Literature Narrative and Story Resources  This is the most comprehensive batch of story links I've found yet, in my webs searches.  THis web page was created by Professor James R. Elkins, West Virginia University, where he teaches  courses on Lawyers and Literature and Lawyers and the Movies

Propp's Structure of the Magic Tale:an outline that lays out Vladimir Propp's patterns he found in analyzying hundreds of folk tales

Propp's Functions: Propp describes patterns of activity for the protagonist and antagonist. This link defines those actions.

Encyclopedia of Narratology Preliminary List of Terms  Narratology is the closest thing to a science of story that already exists. But I understand it to be more an approach to analyzing, post hoc, already written narrative creations. The story science  "Storyology" envisioned on this website is aimed at the creation process. Consider it more like  fertility and pre-natal medicine since it is interested in the birth of the work, while narratology is more oriented to the post mortem work of the coroner, since it studies the work after it is frozen, and finished. As a science of story creation advances, the concepts and terms of the more mature, academic field of Narratology will undoubtedly play an important role as Storyology, in it's unique way, also climbs on the shoulders of the giants of narratology (to borrow a phrase form Isaac Newton) to see new vistas and theories. There are millions of people who work with narrative who never heard of Narratology, at least in part because it uses a very arcane difficult to understand intellectual vocabulary/jargon. Any science must develop a unique volcabulary. Hopefully, storyology will be self-aware enough to cleave to terms which make the emerging science as accessible as possible to the millions of potential users of the new ideas.

 Here's an excerpt from the Encyclopedia's explanation: "Tzvetan Todorov coined the term ‘la narratologie’ in 1969 to designate what he and other Francophone structuralists (e.g., Roland Barthes, Claude Bremond, Gérard Genette, and A.-J. Greimas) conceived of as a science of narrative modeled after the 'pilot-science' of Saussure’s structural linguistics.  Noting that narratives can be presented in a variety of formats and genres, structuralists such as Barthes argued explicitly for a cross-disciplinary approach to the analysis of stories—an approach in which stories can be viewed as supporting a variety of cognitive and communicative activities, from spontaneous conversations and courtroom testimony to visual art, dance, and mythic and literary traditions."      

NPR Natonial Storytelling Project  I think stories are precious resources of huimanity. This project solicits, collects, reads aloud on the radio and stores true stories.

Why Do People Read Fiction.  by David Farland, author of the Runelord fantasy series.

Storyworkshop.org  The Story workshop educational trust is a non-profit educational media group creating entertainment for social change in Malawi Africa. They are a team of artists and scholars using a mix of advocacy and social mobilisation talents on behalf of human rights, democracy, food security, gender equity, AIDS education, conservation of natural resources, literacy and economic development. They create ads, a soap opera, jingles, collect and preserve indigenous stories and proverbs, create cartoons, radio shows... funded by many orgs, including Project Hope and UNICEF

StoryTELLING Resources:  While this website and our conference are more about story Creation and application, Storytelling is certainly relevant. Here's agreat collection of links on storytelling, including many different cultures' stories.

wiredforbooks.org    For many years, most of the best writers of the Don SwaimEnglish language found their way to Don Swaim's CBS Radio studio in New York. Listen in on these classic behind-the-scene conversations here in RealAudio. Don tells me he did about 750 interviews over about 20 years.  He contributed the raw tape interviews to Ohio University, adn they are gradually uploading the interviews for free access. So far, author interviews available include:Alice Adams, Maya Angelou, Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Atwood, Judy Blume, Ray Bradbury, William Burroughs, Raymond Carver, Tom Clancy, Mary Higgins Clark, Larry Collins, Michael Crichton, JamesDickey, Joan Didion, Howard Fast, Allen Ginsberg, Joseph Heller,PD James, James Jones, Erica Jong, Elia Kazan, Garrison Keillor, Barbara Kingsolver, Louis Lamour, Ring Lardner Jr, Elmore Leonard, Doris Lessing, Robert Ludlum, Norman Mailer, William Manchester, Anne McCaffrey, Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert B Parker, Anne Rice, Sidney Sheldon, Jane Smiley, Martin Cruz Smith, Art Spiegelman, Gloria Steinem, Robert Stone, William Styron, Gay Talese, Amy Tan, Walter Tevis, Paul Theroux, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Fay Weldon. 

The Hero's Journey Learning Resource  a good resource introducing concepts of the hero's journey. It also lists analyses of over 800 classics-- some the protagonist and some the stages of the hero's journey. 

The Center for Story and Symbol has a site at folkstory.com maintained by Jonathan Young, Ph.D. - storyteller, psychologist, and founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives. The site features articles and interviews on the symbolism in mythic stories from Campbell's perspective. The main focus is on archetypal aspects of fairy tales and films.

Absolute Write A popular online magazine for all writers, featuring interviews, articles, market guidelines, contests, and more. They offer a free newsletter and a free copy of the Writer's Online Guidelines Book.

Science as Story: Science Education by Story using stories to teach science-- an Australian website..


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Storycon founder,  Rob Kall's websites: 

OpEdNews.com  progressive, liberal News and Opinion; beyond politics and activism: informative, entertaining arts, life, Biz, science, health, humor, film, reviews...

sphincterpolice.com spoofing control freaks and people who are members of the cult of scientism, or for that matter, any other cult which tells others how to live or think

futurehealth.org relating to biofeedback, enlightenment, mind body health, consciousness, stress management, relaxation.

positivepsychology.net anatomy of positive experience, Kall positive experience inventory, the happiness response

BrainMeeting.com Winter Brain and Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology Meetings focusing on bio and neurofeedback, peak performance, consciousness, transpersonal growth, energy therapies and much more.

4stressmanagement.com supplies for stress management-- for personal or professional use.

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