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2003 Speakers



Also,  please check out the 2002 speakers from our first StoryCon meeting. They were extraordinary-- as Cathy Pagano said, "a gathering of the tribe."

Bailey Barash  barash1@cs.com bbarash productions, LLC
 is a freelance television producer and journalist. Her current work focuses on issues of aging, public health, and economic and health care disparities among low income Americans. In February 1999, Barash left CNN after almost two decades, during which she produced network news and documentaries in the areas of health, medicine, science and technology. Programming under her management included the weekly Science and Technology show, Science & Technology Week,  and breaking science news. The Science and Technology Unit at CNN, of which she was Executive Producer, won numerous awards, including the Award for Cable Excellence, the early cable version of the Emmy. She was awarded several journalism fellowships which allowed her to study and teach journalism in such locations as Hawaii, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Barash received her BS degree in Zoology from the University of Georgia and her MS degree in Genetics from the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne, Australia, where she was a Fulbright Scholar.
Intro to Story Talk:  Birthing a New Model of Story: CNN: The Early Days – How we nailed the stories and missed some along the way
Plenary Talk: The REAL reality TV – personal story as a social marketing too
2 Hour Workshop: Life review  - how it can increase your self awareness and your ability to connect with the subjects of your work
Steven Barnes has published over 15 novels, including several with NY Times bestseller Larry Niven. His oveuvre includes produced scripts for Twilight Zone, Stargate, and Andromeda, and includes the Emmy0winning "A Stitch in Time" episode of the Outer Limits. He's also created and teaches the Lifewriting System, a method of connecting the inner and outer worlds of the writer
talks: 1) The Enneagram of Story structure (a diagram of non-linear process) 2)  Storytelling as hypnotic induction
Workshop: the Lifewriting workshop

James Bonnet, author of Stealing Fire From The Gods: A Dynamic New Story Model For Writers And Filmmakers, began his career as an actor on Broadway. He has written or acted in more than forty television shows and features and was elected twice to the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America. For the last twenty years he has been the director of Astoria Filmwrights, a research project studying all the significant story models and theories about story from around the world and their connection to the creative process, psychology, myth, storymaking and film. His seminar, Storymaking: The Master Class, is available as a Post Conference Course. www.storymaking.com bonnet@storymaking.com

Ben Callaghan topic: stories empowering youth. Ben will be coming from Australia to present at StoryCon.
Creating a Special World: The hero's journey classroom
Hero's Journey Curriculum: expeditionary learning
Glorianna Davenport,is a founding member and Principal Research Scientist of the MIT Media Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she directs the Interactive Cinema Group. In 2000, she co-founded MediaLabEurope, a new research  partnership between the MIT Media Laboratory and the government of Ireland, where she heads the Story Networks group. Trained as a sculptor and documentary filmmaker, Davenport has achieved international recognition for pioneering innovations in digital cinematic forms. Her recent work focuses on the creation of reflective, improvisational storyteller systems which dynamically mediate content for an often widely-distributed society of audience. She has taught, lectured and published on digital media and story construction
Foundations of Story Talk: The twenty-first century: cinematic arts at a crossroad
           "All things are in process; nothing stays the same"
Plenary Talk sensible cinema
Workshop Co-constructing Multiple Point-of-View Narratives
Dan Decker author, Anatomy of A Screenplay, director of The Screenwriters Group, one of the largest independent schools for screenwriting in the country.Owner/ operator , Stylus Management,.a writers management company

Intro Talk: Creating the Gap; Storytelling in the second century of the art form can take new dimensions. This presents us with an opportunity.

Plenary: Storytelling by Omission: Deletion, misdirection, and assumption become the filmmakers' stock in the story trade.

Workshop: Creating the Gap: Exploiting Cinematic Narrative
Explore the various way to achieve "Gap."

Steve Denning author, The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era OrganizationsSteve was selected in 2000 as one of the world’s ten Most Admired Knowledge Leaders (Teleos) along with Jack Welch (GE) and John Chambers (CISCO). Former Program Director forKnowledge Management at the World Bank, he now works with organizations on knowledge management and organizational storytelling.  Steve is currently offering free advance chapters of his new book  on the Seven Highest Value Forms of Organizational Storytelling
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Rob Kall; StoryCon Meeting Organizer; president Futurehealth,  founder MuPsych Music;
Stephen & Robin Larsen: authors of Fire in The Mind, the authorized Biography of Joseph Campbell, and, The Mythic Imagination     mythmind.com
Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, Authot, Coyote MEdicine
Coordinator for Integrative Psychiatry and System Medicine
Program in Integrative Medicine
University of Arizona College of Medicine
Narrative therapy:  Storytelling and the third wave of psychology.

Plenary Talk:  Integrating Narrative Psychology and Quantum Physics:  Which stories are real, which matter, which inform and create reality.

Workshop:  Therapeutic narratives
Cathy Lynn Pagano psychotherapist, screenwriter, mythic storyteller/consultant and teacher, trained at the C.G. Jung-Institut, Zurich, and working on a book about the archetypal role of the bard, storyteller and musician.
Pre-Conference Talk: Stories that want and need to be Told.
Plenary Talk:  Beyond Apocalypse: Freeing the Imagination from ancient visions of The End Times
Workshop: Creating Conscious Female Characters

Whitney Quesenbery is an expert in developing new concepts that achieve the goal of meeting business, user and technology needs. She has produced award winning multimedia products, user interfaces, web sites, and software applications, as well as helping companies implement a user experience capability to improve the usability of their products.

Her approach focuses on the people who will use these products and builds the design from their needs for information, interactions and relationships with the product. Her projects have been large and small, from original HP LaserJet 4 Travel Guide to corporate information tools for companies such as Novartis, Eli Lilly, Deloitte Consulting, to applications like hospital management tools for Siemens. Whitney is active in the user experience community as member of the Board of Directors for UPA (Usability Professionals' Association), the UXNet Executive Committee, as the manager of the STC (Society for Technical Communication) Usability SIG. Before she was seduced by a little beige computer into software, usability and interface design, Whitney was a theatrical lighting designer for theatre, dance and opera. Web Site: http://www.WQusability.com  Email: whitneyq@WQusability.com

plenary: How storytelling brings real people into the world of software design

Merrie Lynn Ross Multi-talented, Merrie Lynn Ross, comedienne/writer, director/producer, is best known for her starring role on GENERAL HOSPITAL, portraying the zany and outrageous Emma Lutz, which honored her with sparkling reviews and eight National Awards.  She has starred on over 35 television shows and motion pictures, working with ‘comedy greats’ like George Burns, Chevy Chase Henry Winkler -to playing Marion Davies in a PBS mini-series.

      Ms. Ross produced the cult classic CLASS OF 1984, starring Michael J. Fox, a box office success, and the hit of the Cannes Film Festival, winning international acclaim and awards. She produced BOBBY JO & THE OUTLAW and four other movies without missing a beat.

      A graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, Ross became a protégé of Stella Adler, a legend in the American Theater.  Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she landed a starring role in PLAY DEAD, a CBS telefilm and was awarded a scholarship to USC Film School. Ms. Ross’ writing credits include: FOXY LADIES, SOAP BOX DERBY, TOY PATROL, P.A.C., APT.11E, THRESHOLD, MEDICINE WOMAN, HEART AND SOUL, etc, including GETTING IT, that was first written and produced, as a smash play, in Los Angeles, starring Ross in the leading role.  COMEBACK TRAIL, a TV pilot created by Ross is currently underway, and the critically acclaimed CIRCLE OF FIRE, based on a true story.

      A child advocate, whose passion and dedication catapulted Merrie Ross to spearhead Merrie Way Community, a 501 C 3, non-profit organization. Dedicated to bring arts and ethics back into the American schools, efforts are targeted to support better educational opportunities for our youth. Merrie Way Curriculums- PEACE SMARTS, MORPH AMERICA, are in schools in California, Texas, New York, Washington, etc. Impacting thousands of students, teachers and parents, with opportunities to achieve positive self-expression, enhancing self-awareness, pro-active life skills through mentoring, peer- group mediation/interaction and community building.

 Morph America workshops promote ‘media integrity’ by using film technique, writing and performance skills.  Ultimately illuminating positive role models and creative life solutions, while dealing with youth related themes and concerns

HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE 4 KIDS BY KIDS, a platform for the ‘Voice of youth’ to be heard.

Merrie Way Community works in tandem with filmmakers, community and business leaders, corporate sponsorship, IBM, Universal Studios, Microsoft, to partnerships with Girl Scouts, UCLA, LAUSD, etc., and the community at large in an effort to penetrate social and personal challenges.


What puts the life into the story, the emotional breathe, the passion, the universality?  How can we de-privatize the writing process? When facing the blank page, apparently alone- tune- in, invent collaborators to expand storytelling. Playfully orchestrated, we explore the art of ‘social writers’. 

David Snowden,  a Director of IBM's Cynefin Centere for Organisational Complexity with responsibility for Asia Pacific, Europe Middle East and Africa. He is one of the pioneers in developing the use of story and narrative in Knowledge Management He regularly consults at the board level on Knowledge Strategy with some of the world's largest companies as well as to Government and NGOs. His master classes in Organic Knowledge Management and Story Telling are highly rated and regularly sell out.     Plenary Talk: Narrative, complexity and meaning, pre-conference talk: White Coated Narrologists and Fluffy New Age Bunnies, or why we need to get serious about story., "Narrative patterns: the use of story in organisations" Post Conference 1.5 Day Workshop
Bruce Holland Rogers' Short stories by  have won a wide variety of awards, including a Pushcart Prize, two Nebula Awards, and the Bram Stoker Award. Rogers has taught creative writing at the University of Colorado and University of Illionois. Subscribers receive his short-short stories via e-mail through his www.shortshortshort.com  web site.
Preconference Talk: The Cost and Value of Stories
David Sonnenschein, author, "Sound Design - The Expressive Power of Music,Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema", feature film and TV director, musician, vibrational healer (sound, Aikido/Kiatsu, Brazilian spiritism)

A new way of storytelling in film by collaborating with actors and crew throughout the process, paying them in fun rather than money (with hopefully deferred salaries). The creation of story and characters continues with a crew of about 8 editors each working on a small part of the film, an unheard of strategy. And the style of the film itself is quite eclectic, combining comedy, drama, sex, music, documentary and animation.

David Vanadia In 1995 David scored his first professional storytelling gig performing for the Mayor of Parsippany. In 2000 he was named, “One of the few to master multimedia for storytelling” by NJ Business News Magazine. These days David is busy performing, consulting, teaching Tai Chi, creating story-based media, and conducting workshops.
Craig Webb, , avant-garde physicist and co-founder/Executive Director of the DREAMS Foundation (www.dreams.ca) since 1995, is a renown dreams and consciousness researcher, trainer, author and spokesman (ABC, CTV, Discovery Channel, AOL, and 100+ others). He has consulted for television, and is Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine and a founding member and correspondent for Making Contact (progressive weekly radio show airing on 150+ stations).

introductory course: Universal Dream Themes as Key Story Elements, Plenary: Awaken the Creative Dreamer: Harvest Dreams for StorybuildingPanel: Stories and the Unconscious