5 Famous Books That Were Originally Self-Published

The Hidden Structures in Great Stories and Their Enormous Power
 By James Bonnet 1   

How To Become a Highly Paid Author

Pitching to agents: How to throw a fiction fast ball

Emerging Archetypal Themes: LadyHawke: The Union of Opposites, Gemini & The Lovers
By Cathy Pagano  

Comparing Seven Different Story Paradigms
By Chris Huntley  1 

Sound spheres: A model of psychoacoustic space in audiovisual media

Podcast: Chris Vogler author of The Writer's Journey-- Thinking about applying the Hero's Journey and archetypes
By Rob Kall  1 

The Coming Age of Story
By James Bonnet  1 

Stories That Sell Because They Are Based on Values and Identity

Podcast: Clay Shirky; Social Media Visionary
By Rob Kall  

Mary Pipher: Writing to Change the World

Podcast: Lewis Mehl-Madrona Using Story to Heal in Psychiatry
By Rob Kall  

Podcast: Shel Israel, Social Media Expert, Author, Twitterville
By Rob Kall  

Podcast: Mikhail Lyubansky Varieties of Evil, Varieties of Justice
By Rob Kall  

Podcast: Mega Hit Producer Mike Medavoy on How Movies & Media Affect USA's Relationship with the World
By Rob Kall  

Emerging Archetypal Themes: Libra, Dangerous Beauty and The Art of Relationship
By Cathy Pagano  

Emerging Archetypal Themes: Service Without Self-Sacrifice: Virgo: Mistress of Spices
By Cathy Pagano  

James Bonnet's Seven Day Writing Adventure
By James Bonnet  

Just Story It Scoops

Podcast: Rory O'Connor-- The Future Of Media is Social
By Rob Kall  

The Metaphor is King
By James Bonnet  2 

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